• Otsumami
  • Salad
  • Soup
  • Nigiri
  • Sashimi
  • Sushi/Sashimi
  • Rolls
  • Donburi
  • Noodles
  • Rice
  • Dessert

Edamame 3.50
Boiled soybeans

Hiyayakko 3.00
Chilled tofu with ginger and scallion topping

Ninniku Kushiyaki 3.00
Grilled in teriyaki and served yakitori style on Maki's skewers

Poku Poku Ingen 5.00
Deep-fried green bean with bonito flakes

Nasu Agedashi 5.50
Deep-fried eggplant topped with Maki's special agedashi sauce

Ãge Tofu 5.50
Pronounced Ah-geh, this is a deep-fried tofu served with a special sauce

Gobo Karaage 4.00
Deep-fried burdock root

Renkon Tempura 5.00
Tempura style fried lotus root

Satsumaimo Tempura 4.50
Tempura style fried Japanese sweet potato

Asparagus Tempura 4.50
Tempura style fried green asparagus

Buta Kimchi 5.50
Stir-fried pork and kimchi

Gyoza 6.00
Japanese style dumplings filled with shrimp, leeks and vegetables

Chicken Teriyaki 6.00
Grilled chicken in Maki's teriyaki sauce

Salmon Teriyaki 9.50
Grilled salmon in Maki's teriyaki sauce

Saba Shioyaki Smaii 4.50 / Large 9.00
Broiled mackerel

Ika Maruyaki 7.95
Grilled whole squid

Saba Miso 6.50
Braised mackerel cooked in miso sauce

Buta Kaku 5.50
Braised pork belly

Asari Saka Mushi 8.00
Manila clams steamed in sake

HItokuchi Katsu 6.50
Five pieces of bite-sized, deep-fried tender pork fillet

Chicken Karaage 6.00
Deep-fried chicken nuggets

Tako Karaage 6.50
Deep-fried octopus

Menchi Katsu 4.50
Deep-fried minced pork mixed with chopped onion

Kaki Furai 6.50
Deep-fried oyster

Softshell Crab Tempura 8.50
Tempura style fried softshell crab

Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura 7.50
Three pieces of tempura style fried shrimp & vegetables


= Spicy = Vegetarian

House Salad Small 3.00 / Large 4.50
Cherry tomato, and onion sliced with fresh mixed greens, topped with house dressing

Tofu Salad 6.50
Tofu and avocado, mixed together with as touch of house sesame dressing

Seaweed Salad 5.00
Mixed seaweed covered in our sweet vinegar dressing

Spicy Tuna Salad 13.50
Seared tuna covered in sesame seeds, served over a bed of mixed greens and covered with our special spicy ponzu sauce


= Spicy = Vegetarian

Miso Soup 2.00
Tofu & seaweed served in a traditional Japanese miso soup

Asari Miso Soup 5.25
Miso soup with clams


= Spicy = Vegetarian




All nigiri comes in ONE piece serving

Maguro (Tuna) 2.95

Sake (Salmon) 2.50

Hamachi (Yellowtail) 2.50

Shiromaguro (Albacore) 2.25

Saba (Mackerel) 1.75

Ebi (Shrimp) 2.50

Hirame (Fluke) 3.00

Tamago (Egg) 1.75

Ikura (Salmon roe) 2.75

Tobiko (Flying fish roe) 2.50

Tako (Octopus) 2.50

Hotate (Scallop) 2.50

Creamy Hotate (Creamy scallop with mayo and tobiko) 3.00

Hokkigai (Surf clam) 2.00

Unagi (Fresh water eel) 2.50

Anago (Sea eel) 3.00

Amaebi (Sweet shrimp) 3.75

Uni (Sea urchin) 3.95

Aji (Spanish mackerel) 3.25

Tai (Red snapper) 3.25

Inari (Fried bean curd) 1.50

Toro (Fatty tuna) Market Price


= Spicy = Vegetarian

Maguro (Tuna) 3 pcs 9.00 / 7 pcs 18.00

Shiromaguro (Albacore) 3 pcs 7.00 / 7 pcs 14.00

Sake (Salmon) 3 pcs 8.00 / 7 pcs 16.00

Hamachi (Yellowtail) 3 pcs 8.50 / 7 pcs 17.00

Hirame (Fluke) 18.00

Aji (Spanish mackerel) 19.50

Saba (Mackerel) 9.00

Tako (Octopus) 12.00

Uni (Sea urchin) 18.00


Sashimi set

for 2~3 people 40.00

for 3~4 people 60.00

for 5~ people 80.00~

Regular Sashimi 19.00
A total of 9 pieces of sashimi, including tuna, yellowtail, salmon, shrimp, octopus, etc

Deluxe Sashimi 26.00
A total of 18 pieces include the old favorites plus sea urchin, sweet shrimp,
and a few seasonal surprises

Regular Sushi 18.50
Traditional Japanese sushi, served with a careful eye to how much rice goes with each slice of fish. Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, shrimp, and octopus laid out on fresh,
Japanese–style sticky rice

Deluxe Sushi 28.00
A Japanese/American fusion of tasty styles. 10 pieces of regular nigiri plus sweet shrimp, scallop and salmon roe, plus a California roll

Sushi and Sashimi Special 49.50
Served with miso soup and salad

California Roll (8 pcs) 7.00
Real crab and avocado

Tuna Avocado Roll (8 pcs) 6.50

Philadelphia Roll (8 pcs) 6.00
Smoked salmon, cucumber and cream cheese

Rock ‘n Roll (8 pcs) 6.00
Eel, avocado and cucumber

Tempura Roll (8 pcs) 7.50
Shrimp tempura and green leaf lettuce topped with tobiko

Alaska Roll (8 pcs) 6.50
Salmon, real crab and cucumber topped with tobiko

Rainbow Roll (8 pcs) 12.50
Crab and avocado wrapped in a colorful layer of assorted fish

Unaten Roll (8 pcs) 9.50
Shrimp tempura topped with eel

Futomaki (8 pcs) 12.00
Egg, shrimp, eel and vegetables

Negihama Roll (6 pcs) 6.00
Yellowtail and fresh green onion

American Dream Roll (6 pcs) 8.50
Scallop, asparagus and mayonnaise topped with salmon and Maki’s special sauce

Spider Roll (5 pcs) 9.00
Soft-shell crab, cucumber and tobiko

Dynamite Roll (6 pcs) 9.75
Scallop, shrimp and cream cheese with Maki’s special sauce

Happy Tuna Roll (8 pcs) 13.50
Combines green onion & tuna beneath a topping of seared albacore in Maki's special wasabi, green onion, & tobiko sauce

Special Roll 12.50-16.00
Roll the dice and try the chef’s surprise

Tekka Roll (6 pcs) 5.50

Sushi Delight 12.00
A tasty combination of Unaten, Spicy Tuna, and Spider

Spicy California Roll (8 pcs) 7.50
California—with a kick: served with Maki’s special spicy sauce

Spicy Tuna Roll (8 pcs) 6.00
For tuna lovers who like a little spice; served with Maki’s special spicy sauce

Spicy Salmon Roll (8 pcs) 6.00
Salmon roll served with Maki’s special spicy sauce

Spicy Hamachi Roll (8 pcs) 6.00
Yellowtail roll served with Maki’s special spicy sauce

Captain Crunch Roll (8 pcs) 9.75
Shrimp-tempura, spicy-tuna and avocado sprinkled with tempura flakes

Atomic Shrimp Roll (10 pcs) 9.50
Asparagus, spicy salmon and tobiko, covered in shrimp

Tigard Roll (10 pcs) 15.00
Shrimp and avocado wrapped in spicy tuna, tobiko and onion, and served with wasabi sauce on the side

Kappa Roll (6 pcs) 3.00

Oshinko Roll (6pcs) 4.00
Japanese pickles

Kanpyo Roll (4 pcs) 4.00
Cooked gourd

Avocado Roll (6 pcs) 4.00

Veggie Roll (5 pcs) 5.00
Veggie Roll includes avocado, pickles and cucumber

Umeshiso Roll (4 pcs) 4.00
Japanese pickled plum served with traditional herbs


= Spicy = Vegetarian

Donburi comes with miso soup

Ten Don 9.00
Tempura-style shrimp and vegetables with our own tempura sauce served on a bed of rice

Katsu Don 9.50
Japanese-style deep-fried pork cutlets and egg served on a bowl rice

Una Don 12.00
A bowl of rice topped with grilled eel

Tekka Don 15.00
Fresh tuna on a bed of sushi-style vinegar rice

Negihama Don 13.00
Oily yellowtail and fresh scallion on a bed of sushi-style vinegar rice

Kaisen Oyako Don 16.00
A bowl of salmon & salmon roe served on sushi-style vinegar rice

Uni Ikura Don 28.00
Sea urchin and salmon roe on sushi-style vinegar rice

Regular Chirashi Sushi 16.00
Assorted sashimi on sushi rice

Deluxe Chirashi Sushi 25.00
Assorted sashimi on sushi rice

Tempura Udon 10.50
Hot flour noodles in broth, topped with 2 pcs of shrimp tempura

Nabeyaki Udon 12.00
A mildly flavored broth soup served in a nabe style pot holds hot flour noodles

Zaru Soba 6.00
Served cold on a zaru style bamboo tray with a side our special dipping sauce

Yakisoba 8.00
Stir-fried noodles mixed with vegetables and Maki’s special yakisoba sauce


= Spicy = Vegetarian

White Rice 2.00

Salmon Onigiri (1 pc) 2.50
A rice-ball filled with salted salmon

Ume Onigiri (1 pc) 2.50
A rice-ball filled with Japanese pickled plum


= Spicy = Vegetarian



Daily Special 3.00
The chef decides on a special dessert for the day

Custard Flan 4.50
A custard pudding served with fruit

Earl Grey Tea Flan 5.50
Maki’s own special flan made with Earl Grey tea

Banana Tempura with Chocolate or Honey 3.50
Tempura style fried banana with honey or chocolate

Green Tea Ice Cream 4.50
Green tea ice cream, simple and delicious

Green Tea Ice Cream Tempura 5.50
Green tea ice cream deep-fried tempura style in vegetable oil

Mochi Ice Cream 4.50
Green tea ice cream served as mochi, soft and sticky pastry balls

Menu is subject to change without notice.